We belong to BJP, we do politics of country interest: Amit Shah

<pre>We belong to BJP, we do politics of country interest: Amit Shah

New Delhi. Union Home Minister Amit Shah, addressing BJP's victory in the Delhi Assembly elections, addressed the resonant Veterans Meet of Shajeet at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium today. Delhi BJP State President Manoj Tiwari, Union Minister and MP Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Rajya Sabha MP Vijay Goel, MP Meenakshi Lekhi, Ramesh Bidhuri, Pravesh Sahib Singh Verma, Hansraj Hans, Gautam Gambhir, MP, National Social Media Head Amit Malviya, State Social Media Head Thousands of social media volunteers were present, including Puneet Aggarwal, co-incharge Nilkant Bakshi.

Central C Hmntri Amit Shah said that it has received registration of more than 25 thousand people today and sitting people here they are the people that are found to be registered will be addressed in other people from social media. Your faith, your ability, your courage, shows that in 2014 you were with Modi ji, in 2019 and in 2020 also stand with Narendra Modi. Your support, your courage to fight, your courage to respond to the enemy and your time, regardless of your dedication to work for the organization with dedication, I trust and I am saying with confidence that BJP government is going to be formed in Delhi. Shah said that whether elections are for 2014, 2019, UP, Tripura, Manipur, or Assam, the BJP has passed the toughest elections. Many times it seemed that this time the matter is stuck, due to which there was redness on the face of our opponents. Those who supported were worried, but when my cyber warriors took command, victory was won by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP. That is why today Delhi BJP has convened a meeting of cyber warriors today so that the resolution of victory can be fulfilled.

When you support BJP, you work to secure the borders of the country. When you support the BJP, you support raising the flag of India all over the world. When you support the BJP, you support the resolve to create an economy of 5 trillion dollars. When you support the BJP, you support the movement of electricity, water, toilets, houses, health cards of the 60 million poor people in the country and now clean drinking water along with gas stove. When you support BJP, then the most popular leader of the world supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Amit Shah said that we are BJP people, we do politics of country interest. The people of Delhi are standing with us, this faith will be seen on the day of counting because Arjun is going to win in the end. In the 2019 elections, out of 13750 booths in Delhi, 12088 booths have lotus flowers. The people of Delhi have won the BJP in 88 percent of the booths. Kejriwal discusses me today by tweeting to mislead the public. The truth is that you have to reach home from home through social media. He said that in Delhi RO water will be given, place pipelines will be laid. Pipeline is far away Delhi's water was found to be the most contaminated in the sample of 21 cities. Forcing the people of Delhi to drink dirty water, Kejriwal should answer it.

Amit Shah said that today BJP has called you here that such a chaotic party is sitting in the power of Delhi which is based only on lies and lies only. Is going on All of you have to expose this lie among the public, whether this lie has been spoken in the name of development of Delhi, whether this lie has been said to mislead the Muslims and youth on CAA, Modi Confusion is being spread on everything that the government has decided to strengthen the country, which needs to be exposed. When Modi ji comes to the CAA, the opposition made a bundle of lies that the citizenship of the country's minorities will be in danger. I have also spoken in Parliament and am still saying that CAA is not a law to take citizenship of anyone but a law to give citizenship. For many years this country wanted that a grand Ram temple should be built, but whenever this case used to come in the Supreme Court, the Congress leaders used to stubbornly. When Modi ji's government came, the case went to court fast and the court gave a decision in favor of Ram temple. The Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party sat on hold of the rights of the people of Delhi for years. Due to the neglect of Congress and AAP government in Delhi, there are slums in many places, but Narendra Modi has decided that there will be houses where there are slums. Good days are also coming for the slum dwellers.

Bad past 5 years, don't want Kejriwal: Manoj Tiwari

Delhi BJP state president Manoj Tiwari said that under the leadership of Modi ji, BJP has set many records whose words It is not possible to describe in The love and trust the people of the country have shown to the BJP was not for any party till date. BJP is the only party that can take Delhi to new heights of development because every BJP worker has the intention to work for development and right development is possible only with clear intentions. The BJP leaders are trying to give clean water or pure air to the people living in Delhi.

The Congress kept the ground issues of Delhi hanging for 15 years and the Aam Aadmi Party and built its vote bank Messed with people's sentiments for They did not even give a pucca house in lieu of a slum till date and kept cheating people for years in the name of regularizing raw colonies. From regularizing raw colonies to providing ceiling on people's heads under the 'Jahan slum houses' scheme, the BJP government is doing it because Prime Minister Narendra Modi understood the suffering of Delhiites and pledged to solve all their problems. . Manoj Tiwari said that the Aam Aadmi Party, which chanted the last five years of slogans, kept cursing the BJP for four and a half years and kept saying that the BJP was not allowing it to work, then how did the five years go well.

Kejriwal of Delhi Has become familiar with the drama of K and is saying that the bad five years, Kejriwal should not. People are bringing bill of thousands of electricity and water, after which the Aam Aadmi Party's poll claiming free electricity and water has been opened, to which the public will give a befitting reply on 8 February. BJP's priority is to make Delhi pure water, clean air, better transport system, better facilities in hospitals, clean and clean Yamuna river, better education and for which we are committed. The slogan of the BJP is 'Desh badla hai, Delhi mein badge'.

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