Wholesale inflation also increased after retail


New Delhi. The government has suffered another setback on the inflation front. According to the latest data, the wholesale inflation in January has increased to 3.1 percent from 2.59 percent in December. If you talk about a year ago, wholesale inflation was at 2.76 percent in January 2019.


Although, wholesale food inflation was low in January, inflation in manufactured products has gone up. Let us know that in the last three months of last year – December, November and October, wholesale inflation has increased.

Earlier on Wednesday, retail inflation data was released. These figures show that retail inflation is at the highest level of 6 years. Retail inflation rose to 7.59 per cent in January due to high prices of food items such as vegetables, eggs, meat, fish and fuel, which is almost six years high.

Retail inflation rate in December 2019. Inflation was recorded at 7.35 percent, while retail inflation was recorded at 1.97 percent in January 2019 last year.

Industrial production dropped

Earlier on Wednesday, industrial production figures were released Had gone. Due to the slowdown in the manufacturing sector of the country, industrial production declined by 0.3 per cent during December 2019. Earlier, in November 2019, industrial production had registered a growth of 1.82 per cent whereas the industrial production of the country was 2.5 in December 2018 a year earlier. The percentage increase was recorded. The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) registered a growth of 2.5 percent during December 2018.

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