Xu Wenjun of China again became world champion of women's chess

<pre>Xu Wenjun of China again became world champion of women's chess

Bladivostok (Russia). Once again, Xu Wenjun of China took the title of World Women's Chess Champion. She won the world title for the second time in a row, defeating Russia's young challenger Alexandra Goryachkina 2.5–1.5. The final result was 8.5–7.5, including all matches. Four rapid matches were played in tiebreak matches, with the result being 6–6 even after 12 classical matches. However, it will be interesting to know that in the first and second match, Goryachkina could not win the match by going very close to victory and both of them returned to Venkoon in Mukabalo and managed to draw the match and thus the score was 7-7.

The third rapid tiebreak proved decisive when Wenjun, playing a strong game from the start at the Reti opening, weakened the king of Goryachkina with his stunning attack From the position, he won 45 tricks in the match and went 2–1 in rapid and 8-7 overall. In such a situation, Goryachkina needed a win in the final rapid match, but in this match in the QGD opening, the match was a draw even after pushing for 77 moves and Ju Wenjun became once again the World Women's Chess Champion.

Gorayachkina – There were many occasions in the whole competition when this young talent of 21 year old Russian from Russia got very strong position and was close to winning but she could not bear the pressure. And made mistakes, as well many times in equal end games she lost the match due to her poor technique. But at the age he is, there will be many more opportunities for him to work hard and come back. World Champion Xu Wenjun received 55 per cent of the prize money of Rs 2 crore 20 lakh for winning this match, while runner-up Goryachkina received Rs 1 crore 80 lakh

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