You should give up these habits, otherwise it may cause serious harm

<pre>You should give up these habits, otherwise it may cause serious harm

London. There are some habits which can cause heavy losses if you keep doing them for a long time. You should abandon such habits. For example, it is necessary to use a moisturizer for healthy skin. If you use it more than 2 times a day, then it can be harmful for you. Our body has its own method of hydration in which dry skin gets moisturization. You do not always need to apply moisturizer.

Most people apply lip balm on lip eruption but there are many people who have their lips slightly -Sounds dry and they immediately apply lip balm. This is a kind of addiction that can create problems for you. Believe it or not, this lip balm is a trick of companies. Lip products and lip balm have ingredients that dry your lips and you are forced to apply lip balm repeatedly. This may sound a little strange, but many of us are obsessed with exercise and it is not limited to the gym alone. Those who are exercising addicts do not have a full day until they exercise. Such people exercise to stay away from emotions and stress. If you feel irritable at not being able to workout or exercise, then it means that you have become exercised.

There is no greater disorder than shopping disorder. Due to gilt or stress, many people resort to shopping to distract them, which makes them feel motive. Before it becomes an addiction, control this habit. Some people, especially women, pull their hair whenever they feel stressed or forgotten. It is called Tricketylmania in scientific language. Some people even pull their eyebrows which can be very dangerous. The habit of taking a 24-hour selfie can spoil your routine and is also a symptom of a nasal disorder. Staying updated on social media can increase your dopamine levels. You start comparing your life to others, which can be powerful for your mental health.

Do you sometimes feel that there are people around you who are sorry for every little thing they speak. It is not a humble habit but an addition. Always speaking sorry without talking is not good for your self esteem and this habit gradually becomes a part of your personality. Everyone loves listening to music, but do you know that the addiction of listening to the same music again and again can cause problems for you. Music is like dopamine released from food which keeps your brain happy. High level dopamine can change your behavior drastically. Addiction to anything can prove dangerous.

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